Digital Transformation and its impact on Medium-Sized Enterprises

What is Digital Transformation?

Utilizing opportunities created by digital technologies and data in order to change the way organizations conduct their business. In order to achieve this, companies must transform their business models, infrastructure, processes, and cultures to get more value for their customers. In digital transformation, the business strategy is redefined in order to enhance revenue and provide substantial value through the adoption of the latest and emerging digital technology.

It is becoming increasingly important for SME businesses and IT ecosystems to embrace digital transformation. In recent years, enterprise business applications providers (EAPs), technology vendors, and infrastructure providers (IT vendors) have realized and tapped the power of emerging technologies such as Clouds, Big Data, Mobile, Social, and Sensors, making it possible to develop next-generation solutions through this convergence.

Due to the Covid-19 health crisis, SMEs have felt compelled to accelerate their digitalization processes, because SMEs must not only adapt to the pandemic, but also to social changes and consumer demands.

Companies do not want to be left out of the market as consumers have changed the way they are purchasing products and services.

In what ways can Digital Transformation benefit SMEs?

With an understanding of what digitization is for companies, it is likely that you are considering developing a digitization strategy for your business or small business. Nevertheless, if you aren’t completely convinced, here are a few primary benefits your company can gain from digital transformation 

Increased Productivity

With the digital transformation of the economy, more and more companies now use technology to boost work productivity. Automating the execution of manual processes can reduce time, eliminate or replace total or partial tasks within them, and incorporate new functionalities that add value to them.

Reduce Manual Labour Dependency

Automation enables more tasks and processes to be programmed and run as usual without direct supervision from employees

Get Competitive Advantage 

With so many digital tools available to all businesses, digital transformation actually improves competitiveness, resulting in a level playing field. It has become more evident that the digital revolution has penetrated almost all aspects of our economy and daily lives. The strengthening of digital economies will not only aid economic growth but can also assist companies in their overall advancement. A few areas that are being transformed by digital technology are: 

  • Business processes 
  • Business activities (such as HR) 
  • Organizational culture
As per McKinsey’s Survey, more than half of this year’s respondents say their companies are looking to technology as a way to strategically differentiate themselves from competitors.

How SMEs can leverage digital transformation?

Through the use of digital technology, enterprises can enhance value and services for stakeholders, while adopting new capabilities and reducing costs. 

The importance of understanding what practical steps your company can take cannot be overstated. A good place to start is by identifying certain areas in the organization that can be transformed digitally. Be sure to take customer experience, business models, and operational processes into consideration when adopting a digital transformation strategy.

It is important to keep in mind that customers are the key to success in any organization, and this can be a valuable focus point when considering embracing and maximizing technical transformation initiatives within an organization. Learn more about the behaviour and preferences of your customers. As a result, your brand is able to customize engagements for each consumer while enhancing their experience with you. 

Enhance the User Experience

The use of digital transformation can help your business provide better services more quickly and efficiently. It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to require more and better IT services and networking capabilities. This is sometimes more than merely the usability of applications, but will also include the ability to use IT tools and training. 

Improve Employee Productivity

The use of digital technology can significantly improve employee productivity and effectiveness in their primary roles at work. Digital technology offers you a valuable opportunity for automating key functions of your enterprise, such as payroll, by moving away from manual processes. Leaders will be able to devote more time to other, more important business opportunities as a result. 

Ensure Efficient Decision-Making 

Your SMEs can maximize the value of big data by leveraging digital technology, such as artificial intelligence-based technology. Multi-source information can be gathered with big data. Using advanced AI capabilities, enterprises will be able to analyze data more efficiently, converting it into valuable insights in a more efficient manner – helping your organization stay ahead of the curve. 

Adopt New Practices 

Since digital transformation has shifted cultures to one that is agile and nimble, new ways of working are required. In order to cope with this shift in culture, SMEs can incorporate digital transformation into their business models. 

Get the most out of Cloud-Based Applications 

It is difficult for organizations to compete if they stick to manual processes, as they incur higher costs. SMEs can thus reduce excessive workload and increase productivity by utilizing cloud-based applications and software. It allows employees and clients to remain updated wherever there is an internet connection. 


Growth Graphers Can Help 

Our team at Growth Graphers believes that, although digital transformation may appear intimidating, it is an essential step in staying relevant in a competitive market. It can provide you with similar rewards as larger companies if you embrace it. Adapting to key trends always accelerates growth and creates value in the organization. 

The digital transformation is not a “one-time” project and requires constant reflection on SMEs’ business models, processes, and interactions. With Growth Graphers Digital transformation is possible—and it’s easier than you might think. Partner with us today for a new way to grow your SME and start embracing digital transformations as a priority. 

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