Top Android App Development Trends for 2022

At the start of the cell software marketplace, Apple turned into the sole restrictive participant that turned into walking the industrial middle with its personal phrases and situations. Later, with the evolution of Android by Google, it has absolutely swiped inside the cellular app globally. Android is rising in international app markets, even in third global Asian, African, and Latin American international locations.

Android continues to be keeping the pinnacle function as the leading cell working system within the whole international, controlling the mobile OS market with a 71.93% share according to Statista’s ultra-modern reports. This number is ready to reach 85% by the stop of 2022. 

With greater than 3 million programs on Google Play keep, Android OS is becoming bigger with each passing day. Even on the subject of cellular app development, the Android operating machine leads the race. It’s far due to the attainment of android among the people, secondly, it offers a terrific interface and enjoyment to the customers, and is short to broaden. With the developing popularity of android packages, you may clearly see the surge in numbers of android packages at the Google Play shop.

Android App Development Latest Trends

So, let us dive into the latest Android development trends that will help you metamorphose your app development in the most advanced and positive manner.

Android Instant Applications: 

Android Instant applications have been part of our lives for many years and can be beneficial if you understand how to use it for your business. Instant applications are native android apps that can run without any installation and experience your services without any interruption to their standard task.

Blockchain Technology:

In this technological adolescence, mobile app development companies need to find ways to keep the data, transactions and complete applications safe and secure. Blockchain technology bridges this gap as it boosts transparency along with eliminating unauthorized access by utilizing strong security protocols.

Integration of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (ML/AI):

Advancement in technology has allowed us to provide more customer-centric solutions through mobile app development. Automation of some features, image identification, data processing, and even data analytics can be done through ML and AI. These technologies offer better efficiency to your android application as it can efficiently utilize the smart devices without consuming the processor.

Multi-Platform Development Makes Launch Easy: 

The multi-platform development of your mobile applications gives you applications for both platforms i.e. Android and iOS and that too through a single codebase. Flutter is one of such technologies developed by Google as a free and open-source mobile UI framework. Because of the ease in understanding the concepts and developing amazing UI, Flutter is among the latest trends in mobile app development.

Use of Android Jetpack While Mobile App Development: 

Android Jetpack is a boon for the developers as it is a suite of libraries to help the android app developers in reducing boilerplate code, follow best practices and write code that helps in the development. You may handle the complete development from your side instead of outsource it to somewhere else.

It has 4 prime elements: UI, architecture, behaviour, and foundation. As it makes the development easier and quicker, it is listed as one of the best recent android app development trends.

Augmented Reality: 

Virtual Reality is the future, the addition of technology in the android app development can intensify the user experience of the customers. It is already very much in use in the gaming industry and it is forecast that it will reach $92.31 billion by 2027. It is improving day by day and amazingly creating an artificial world around us.

Wearable Applications:

With the increase in wearable gadgets like smart watches, bands and others there’s a sudden surge in wearable applications. These applications also use the Android SDK but have exceptional functionality and design.


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